Feel Good Story of the Year!

We we received an important call in May to help out a beautiful cocker girl that was literally abused and neglected in the back yard of her previous owner. My friend groomed this cutie pie once a year for the last several years... this year was different though. She felt Lady's pain and couldn't bear to allow her to stay in the situation she was in. This poor soul was secluded and chained up to the back yard in mud and dirt...covered in ticks and has a cyst-type tumor on her neck. My friend decided to talk the owner into surrendering her so that she could receive proper care and a loving family. He complied and this is where Lady's journey begins... She is now with us right after we received the phone call about lady's situation. We've named her Peanut... She is an absolute joy to have around.

This poor girl cannot bark and we have recently discovered that she doesn't know how to play with toys.

We have had her tested for Valley Fever & Tick Fever...Her results were negative however, the Vet wants to retest for Valley Fever just in case she may be in the early stages of it. Fingers Crossed! We will be raising money to help get her cyst removed. It will cost us just over $1,000 to complete. I will have the GoFundMe page up soon! xoxo

It's been years since Sable Starr's passing, so were thrilled to have another girl with us! She has a long road ahead of her with us getting her wormed, getting rid of the ticks, removing her cyst, and her nose back to normal... her daddy has already filled her belly with lots of cookies (treats)... and lots of hugs and kisses from us. Peanut deserved a better life and I've longed for another sweet cocker girl. Thank you Shawna (my friend) for that awesome call.

Now my family is complete with my new husband, son returning home, daughter coming around, and our new Peanut girl.


Pic #1 When Peanut was found - before her grooming; Pic #2 The cyst that formed within a year on the side of her neck; Pic #3 Peanut shortly after her grooming; Pic #4 Peanut sleeping soundly after pulling over 100 ticks off of her entire body & caring for her cyst;

Pic #5 Peanuts horrible allergies - She gets really snotty & drooling but don't worry, we keep her very clean - this pic was only taken for you to understand what she goes through...; Pic 6 Peanut snuggling with her favorite Cocker Spaniel puppy doll!; Pic 7 Peanut smiling pretty for the camera! We adore and love our new Peanut Girl.

R.I.P. Sweet Sable Starr! You are certainly missed!

Sable Starr - American Cocker - Age 12

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