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Q. Can anyone guess how old Miss Brenda is?

A. Brenda is in her mid 70's!

She has been on this awesome regimen for quite some time now along with regular exercise, organic eating, and a positive outlook on life. Call her today, she is eager to help everyone to reach their full potential. There is absolutely no cost to ever talk to her. She loves helping people become healthier!

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Here are some important things to remember when you intend to use essential oils on your dog:

* Dog’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive. Do not apply the oils directly on or around your dog’s nose or eyes. What smells good to you may be very irritating to your dog, especially if he cannot escape the smell. Try the bottoms of the paws (between the pads) or the ear flap or back of the neck.

* Be cautious about using stimulant-type oils with your dog if she is pregnant, ill or epileptic. Research your oil for possible side effects before you use it.

* Always dilute your oils and start with the smallest dose possible until you know how your dog will react. Test the oil by holding the bottle out for him and see his reaction. Let your dog decide if he wants the oil!

Best: Lavender, Geranium, Basil, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Frankincense.

Worst: Cassia, Oregano, Birch, Camphor and Wintergreen.

Safety tips:

* Always dilute the oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil.

* Dilute more for smaller, older and pregnant dogs.

* Avoid eyes, nose and genital areas.

* Puppies under 10 weeks of age should not use essential oils.



What you need to know about Sevenpoint2 Products - know how!

Being Alkaline helps you have;

* Increased Energy

* Improved Sleep

* Reduced Joint Discomfort

* Optimal Weight

* Reduced Digestive Distorders

and MORE!

Being Acidic can add to;

* Joint Pain

* Digestive Discomfort

* Disruptive Sleep

* Low Energy

* Mental Fog

and MORE!

doTerra for Dogs!

Favorite essential oils for dogs

LAVENDER - skin issues, burns, infections, wounds, inflammations, calming, disinfect, insect bites, ear infections, allergies

SERENITY - Stress, anxiety, fear, stress of pain, separation anxiety

FRANKINCENSE - Wound healing (including suture sites), infection, yeast, scar reduction, calming, skin issues, pain, inflammation, immune support, tumour reduction, calming, soothes skin, healthy brain, skin & cellular function

HELICHRYSUM - Stop bleeding, close wounds, liquid sutures, pain, fungal infection, inflammation, nerve damage, bruises and swelling

DIGESTZEN - Digestion issues; diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, upset stomach, motion sickness, parasites in GI tract

ONGUARD - bacterial infection, yeast infection, viral infection, immune system support, topical disinfectant, neutralize bee and insect sting toxins.

PEPPERMINT - pain, breathing challenges, inflammation, insect repellent, fever/overheating, motion sickness/nausea, indigestion, allergies, cooling, fresh breath

TERRASHIELD - insect shield/repellent

PURIFY - Clean wounds, insect repellent, strengthens immune system, odour deodorizer

MELALEUCA - you must dilute only for dogs over 25 pounds, fungal infections, bacterial infections, viral infections, inflammation, strengthen immune system, cuts and wounds, skin issues

LEMON - stop bleeding, cleaning surfaces, allergies, antibacterial, antiviral, insect repellent, cough/sore throat

CEDARWOOD – calming, sleep, repels bugs

GERANIUM – calming, soothes skin irritations

JUNIPER BERRY – healthy urinary tract function, healthy kidneys, healthy skin

LEMONGRASS– great for massage, repels bugs, healthy thyroid

MARJORAM – soothing for stressed muscles, joints and tendons, healthy blood pressure

ROMAN CHAMOMILE – calming for skin, mind and body


VETIVER – calming, great for massage

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doTERRA as an alternative!

Did you know that you can replace a lot of your OTC (over the counter) medicines with the benefits of doTERRA?? I have tried it and it truly works! ~Glenna~

Sevenpoint2 replaces Breakfast!

Here's what you do:

* Take 7.2 Shake (2 scoops) and 7.2 Greens (one scoop) at breakfast...

* Take 7.2 Recovery (2-3 tablets) throughout the day, 2-3 times a day...

* Take 7.2 Alkaline Booster (4 capsules) before bed...

That's it! With regular exercise and organic only living, you should start seeing results almost immediately! The first thing you should notice is that you will start to gain more energy and feel better. The rest is up to you. What I mean by this is that you have to stick with taking the product on a daily basis, exercise, and healthy eating. I am the first to admit that I fall off of the bandwagon here and there. That is when you don't get results. I will refer you to a coach to help you with getting started and what is right for you!