Items that are 100 years old or better - Although some dealers attempt to lower the standards with 50 years or better...


An item which has value because of its rarity and desirability. Examples are crystal, collections, coins, art, figurines, etc.

Estate Sale:

This is the sale of the contents in a home. It does not always pertain to someone passing away/dying. People may be down sizing, relocating, getting rid of unwanted items, going into nursing homes or assisted living.

Fair Market Value:

An estimate of the market value of an item or property based on what a buyer would be willing to pay to a knowledgeable seller in the market. The information is based upon subjective interpretation of the available information at the time of assessment. We normally Google the item which leads to several selling sites online. The value is obtained from an average of sold items.


Too old to be considered modern but not old enough to be considered antique. Usually the item is approximately 25 to 50 years of age.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are Estate Sales better than Auctions or Garage Sales?

Your Estate will make more money. Auctions and Garage Sales do not capture the true fair market value for your items. Auctions are normally sold in bulk whereas Garage Sale items are low cost - nickel and dime...

Estate Sales seem expensive...why?

Our goal is to make the most money we can for our customers. In actuality, the estate sale items are not expensive. The pricing is based on fair market value for that week. This information is obtained by research via the internet. Please remember that an Estate Sale is NOT a garage sale. If we were a garage sale company, our customers would not make what they do - and they would have to perform the sale themselves. 

Where do the unsold items go after the sale ends? 

The rest of the unsold items may be donated to the local Thrift Store locations, churches, or schools by the homeowner. You can take the tax write off - but remember, it is only approximately $500 which doesn't make much of a difference on your taxes. If available, we can offer a buyout for the rest of the unsold items. This would be pennies on the dollar. After the buyout is offered, the home is usually emptied that day or within the week of the purchase. This is only offered through our company, not directly by the individual buying out the rest of the estate.

Do you discount items?​

Yes. We price the items to move fast but make the client money. Items discounted the second/last day and are negotiated as the sale moves along and throughout the entire sale to our discretion. The discounted amounts may be 25%, 50%, & 75% off the tagged price, not including items marked $1 and under.

Do you ever hold any other discounts?​

Sometimes. It depends on the sale, contents, and such. We may have $5 bag days, $1.00 days at the end of the sale, etc. It is to our discretion.

Do you write down every thing that is sold and what it sold for? 

NO. If we did that, we'd have some pretty upset buying customers waiting in line forever. Rather, we write down initials for the room the majority of the items came out of. IE: B = Bathroom, T = Tools, G = Garage, K = Kitchen, etc. When every thing is tracked, it is called an Inventory which we try to stay away from during a sale. The costs are not worth it for our customers. Inventories start at $75 an hour and it would take twice as long to log everything, photograph, etc. 

Do you inventory without an Estate Sale?

Yes. Most of the time it is for insurance purposes. The most efficient way for us to perform an inventory without the major cost is to take photos of the items in bulk, research, plug into a spreadsheet, and create a binder with the photographs, spreadsheet, and back up disk. Starting at $75 per hour. Please note that your estate would not be itemized rather, appraised by photograph & list only.

Do you ever turn anyone down for an Estate Sale?

Yes. Although we really do not like to turn anyone down, we are truthful with our customers and make suggestions that would best benefit them. Sometimes the items are not desirable to the public, poor quality, amount of items, aged, etc. Another reason we may turn down a sale is if we cannot perform it by a desired date. Remember that we need a week to set up and sale your items. In some cases, we may need more time however, we are usually booked up to a month or two. Please call for our availability and for us to meet with you! Don't under estimate your estate, it could be a huge success!

Is there anything you cannot sell?

Yes. We do not have a license to sell liquor. Food; open items (depending on how it is packaged). Stained linens (depending on the stain - urine or blood). Broken items (undesirable, or not repairable). If there is something out of the ordinary with an item and we feel we can sell it, we will mark the item AS IS. If we fail to mark the item, sometimes you may notice that the pricing reflects the flaw.

Do you hold items for anyone?

Depends. No, if there is not a non-refundable down payment or full payment given first. If you contact us over the phone to hold an item, we can only hold it for an hour or two. If you need to run to get a bigger vehicle, or more money, the item has to have a non refundable down payment. If you arrive and decide that you do not like the item or it was not what you thought it was, we still keep your payment. The reason for this is because we could have sold it to someone else while waiting for such an occurrence.

Do you have an outside source for researching items? Who prices the items in an estate sale? An expert?

YES. One outside source we obtain information for unfamiliar items is via the internet. We have several people that can help us with pricing on high end items. But ultimately, we decide the pricing.

Do you ever charge more than 35% of the gross proceeds?

Yes. Although there is 35% fee no matter what you are selling, there are certain homes that we may need to charge a little more money for. For example, we have a really hard time selling items or masking the smell at smoked in homes. This would be determined before you sign the contract. Remember we only charge 15% for vehicles.