Please call us today for a free consultation and to get you booked for an Estate Sale before your date is taken! Best time to contact us is when you are ready to transition. We don't have a minimum amount that you have to sell. If you don't make money - we don't make money!

We charge 35% of the gross proceeds for Estate Sales and 15% for the sale of vehicles.

We currently service the following cities/towns:

San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes, Chandler, South Mesa, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, & Apache Junction...

Instructions for a successful Estate Sale

What you need to know...

​​The following is a step by step approach to get your home ready

for us to perform your Estate Sale.

If you have any questions, please contact us at anytime on our

contact page, text, email, or phone.

  First: A Real Quick Note!

  • Be sure go through the home and shred unwanted documents such as items with your/their address, social security number, bank statements, etc. Remove all wanted family photos and other items that you would like to keep - and clean the home along the way - as needed. If you have time to go through and turn the homes over, sometimes into a disaster after we have signed up a contract with you, you should have enough time to clean the home.

NOTE: We are experiencing being forced to clean dust ridden homes which takes more time for set up and we reserve the right to charge a higher percentage of the gross proceeds. If there is dust, there are dust mites and our team ends up suffering with allergies and itchy skin. Please take the time and clean your or your loved ones home before we enter the property.

  • Rule of thumb; most estate sale companies are booked at least a month ahead of time. IE: if the month is mid April and you close the end of April and need the sale in the next week, we cannot perform an estate sale rather, you may have the option for a buy-out only. Please understand that buy-outs are just pennies on the dollar; only if there is an available buy out person/company.
  • We are also hearing that some Realtors are telling clients to get rid of everything in the home in order for the home to sell. This is NOT true. An Estate Sale will generate the largest Open House you will ever have. This will allow potential buyers to see what the property looks like with items in the home and then they can revisit after the home has been emptied. Make sure that the Realtor has supplied you with fliers (including the price) the week of the sale to answer any questions the potential buyer has. If you get rid of your items, you are getting rid of money. You make your most money in "smalls" rather than furniture.
If you have any questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience. 480.694.1089

Before the possibility of a sale & contract...

Before you contact us, please have the home clean and ready for the set up of your sale. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wipe down counter tops & shelving, change air filters, and empty trash cans. Fees will apply if Chloe's has to do this for you. Do not throw out anything worth selling. If you are not sure, leave it where it is. Please do not box up anything either. It is easier for us to set it up from its original location rather than taking it out of a box and figuring out where to place the items. Please also remove wanted items.

Call Us!


If you are ready for a sale and have completed the first step, CALL US! We will schedule an appointment (free of charge) to take a look at what you have to sell. We ask that you make sure you have your wanted items removed or marked (do not sell) before we enter the home so that there is never any confusion. We will go over everything for you so that you fully understand our process and let you know if we are able to perform your sale. If we cannot perform your sale, we will explain why and refer you to another Estate Sale Company or offer a Buy Out.

Contract Signing...

HOA Follow Up...

We can leave a contract for you to keep just in case you are interested in interviewing other companies. We will have an estimated date for your sale and go over the contract thoroughly. In the meantime, please check with your sub divisions HOA to make sure you are allowed to have an Estate Sale, have signs up during the sale, traffic throughout the sale, and if a permit is needed in your area. This can greatly affect your sale if these steps are not completed. NOTE: We contract Monday to Monday so we will need a lock code or key to enter the property.

The Set Up


We will enter the home on Monday to start setting up. This includes setting up tables with covers, moving necessary furniture around, tagging, & pricing your items to be sold. We will research unfamiliar items & mark them below fair market value. By Thursday morning, we will have advertised the sale via this website, other websites, and social media.

The Sale -

Opened to the Public...

We perform the sales on Saturdays, and Sundays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on the contracted week. We place our sale signs on the major cross roads and throughout the neighborhood leading to the property. In all of the internet advertising, we supply a map and instructions on how to get to there and what is in the sale. After the last customer leaves, we will empty tables and leave unsold items where they are. The items will be left for the homeowner/heir to donate at their leisure or if a buy out has been agreed upon, we will schedule it before contract end if possible.

Get Paid -

Woo Hoo!

Checks are sent out 7 business (Monday to Friday are considered business days) days after the end of your contract - this does not include state recognized holidays - This would commence on the Monday that your contract ends.

We charge 35% of the gross proceeds and 15% on road, air, & lake vehicle - unless otherwise noted. initialed. and agreed upon.

Tax is included in our pricing and subtracted from the gross proceeds.

Do you live out of town?

We do run into some clients who cannot make it into town for events such as taking care of their deceased relatives estate, affordability in coming back to Arizona to sell their own home and rid of the contents in it, running out of time to take care of an estate before needing to return to their home state, or sudden move for employment purposes.

No need to worry, we can help! Just like everything else that can be taken care of via the internet - we can do the same.

Call us today for more details 480-694-1089

Hoarders Houses...

Hoarders houses will be asked for a $6,000 non refundable deposit before a contract is signed and the property locked into a date. Our percentage will also be 45% of the gross proceeds - after the sale. Please understand this is not to scare you. Hoarders homes take a lot of time & energy and have to be scheduled for several weeks to a month in order to try to sell everything. Call us for an appointment to see if your or your loved ones home qualify as a "hoarders" house.

A lot of people think that they have hoarders houses, when in fact they do not. We rarely run into any of our clients with hoarders houses...that is when we state that it is a "packed" house and only charge normal fees.

Quick Access to our Contracts

CCES Estate Sale Contract

CCES Client Notes Initializing

CCES Buy-Out Only Contract

CCES Extra Services Contract

CCES Advertising Flyer

Contracts & Terms

  • Chloe's Corner Estate Sales reserves the right to void a contract at any time.

* Some of the reasons may include the following; electricity & water turned off or not working, interference, items & furniture replaced that will not sell, items sold or given away by the client during the contracted date, accidental over scheduling, etc.

  • However, if a contract is cancelled by the client, fees will incur. Depending on the time the contract is cancelled, fees can/will reflect initial cancellation of the set up/sale, Owners wages, employees wages, and time that cannot be replaced to schedule another sale to replace the clients cancellation. Please see below for the schedule for cancellation fees.

* Employees wages will include; set up, website updates (website, social media (facebook), outside Estate Sale advertising companies, and the sister website), answering emails & phone calls for sale information including address & directions to sale - usually people who do not have computers, the monies that could have been made for the remainder of the contract, and buyout cancellation.

If not paid within the week of cancellation, further action will be taken by CCES.

Client Charge Schedule for Cancellation:

2 weeks before set up & sale: $500

1 week before set up & sale: $1,000

Up to 2 days into set up: $2,500

3-4 days into set up (websites & advertising complete): $5,000

Complete set up; day before 1st day of sale: $7,500

Into mid-sale: After 1st or 2nd day of sale (if three day sale): $9,000

Extra Charges for Defamation, whether libel or slander has occurred.

(This will also include all court fees, loss of work, etc.)